Estate and Fiduciary Controversies

If you are involved in an estate controversy as a fiduciary, beneficiary, business partner or real property co-owner, our office can help you understand, address and resolve a wide range of probate, trust, guardian, property and fiduciary related disputes. Our office regularly litigates complex as well as simple estate controversies. Since estate disputes involve potential claims or lawsuits that have been filed, these matters demand a trial lawyer's judgment and expertise about procedural and evidentiary issues that may arise, as well as the skill and experience needed to try a case in the courtroom if the matter cannot be settled.

Our estate controversy practice involves will and trust contests, will and trust interpretation disputes, claims by and against beneficiaries or trustees, financial exploitation cases, and breach of fiduciary duties to name a few. Because of our focused approach, we have achieved a strong track record for achieving positive results for our clients, and we have developed a reputation for quality legal services in this field.

Our office has represented litigants and claimants whether they are an individual or a large corporate fiduciary to settle issues necessary to properly administer an estate. We likewise have represented beneficiaries sued by large corporate fiduciaries. Because trust and estate issues often have serious tax implications we have worked with the foremost estate planning lawyers, tax specialists, probate and trust administration experts in the United States in resolving issues large and small that may affect probate, partnerships or land ownership.

Our goal is to help our clients gain a clear understanding of the resolution methods available to resolve estate issues or questions. Often litigation may be avoided between reasonable people. Therefore we approach each dispute with a range of alternatives from settlement between the parties, to mediation or arbitration to litigation. In the context of what is often an emotionally difficult circumstance for you or your family that is comparable to a divorce, we provide objective advice to assist our clients so they can obtain the best possible result. If you have questions about an estate controversy, tip the scales in your favor©, and contact our office at 804-934-0550.

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