Defense of Traffic and DUI Charges

After the initial shock of being stopped and receiving a ticket wears off, some Virginia traffic summonses don’t seem that significant. Frequently, an offense for which a summons is issued allows the motorist to sign the summons and send it back with a predetermined fee, without going to Court. This can be an appealing option, especially for out of state residents. However, the impact of a seemingly insignificant charge on your driver’s license and insurance should be investigated before doing that.

The effect on your driver’s license and your insurance premiums can vary depending on the number of points a driver has with the DMV that issued the driver’s license and the law of the state in which the license was issued. One thing is certain however – paying the traffic ticket results in a 100% chance that the conviction will appear on your DMV record, even if you are licensed out of state. Moreover, the consequences of a traffic summons that mandates your appearance in court is easier to foresee. Many such tickets may result in a substantial fine, jail time or both. The can have a definite and negative impact on your driving record and insurance premiums, and may even establish a criminal record. For example, reckless driving and DUI are both criminal offenses in Virginia, as opposed to traffic infractions.

Our office offers clients over a quarter of a century of knowledge and experience in the defense of Virginia Traffic Violations and Driving Under the Influence ("DUI") charges. We recognize how important it is to secure defense representation as soon as possible and we are committed to protecting our clients' rights and interests. We understand that although DMV looks at a driver’s license as a privilege, for most people it is an absolute necessity in order for them to work a job, take care of themselves and their family. That’s why a serious traffic offense requires a knowledgeable and experienced trial lawyer on your side working to obtain the best possible result. Don’t leave the outcome to chance – call our office to schedule an appointment.

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